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“With his debut-album ‘The Abyss’ (on the Challenge label) Posthumus convincingly blows himself to the frontline in the Dutch Jazz scene.”
Rudie Kagie – Vrij Nederland
“Earlier this year (2010…red.) he radiated in the television programme ‘Vrije Geluiden’, this summer he’ll play at the North Sea Jazz Festival. On his recently released debut-album ‘The Abyss’, there’s not a second of nonsense.”
Remco Takken – Jazzism
“Posthumus played with a flair that only fits the great ones.”
Rinus van der Heijden – Jazzenzo

Joris Posthumus Quartet

In 2009 Joris recorded the album ‘The Abyss’, together with: Sound technician Chris Weeda, pianist Jeroen van Vliet, drummer Pascal Vermeer and bass player Jurriaan Dekker, (feat Tom Beek on tenor saxophone). This First album was released by record company Challenge International in 2010 under the name Joris Posthumus Quartet. The album presents dynamic jazz of a high NU-bop energetic quality. The biting alto saxophone of Joris, who, whipped up by the strong rhythm section, explores all corners of the improvisation spectrum, is characteristic for the sound of the Quartet. Another characteristic is that the melody, an important ingredient of Joris’ compositions, will always sound through. Making music is all about the chemistry between the musicians. With this group Joris feels that all-important ‘click’.



Ruff Sound Quartet

The American saxophonist Ornette Coleman was one of the important founders of the free-jazz movement at the end of the 1950s. His musical approach was less rigid compared to be-bop musicians. He searched for new forms of improvisation and musical freedom. With HARMOLODICS he moved beyond the restraints of the harmony and form of be-bop and came up with a more raw and intuitive music, less academic and focused more on energy and emotion.


Trio Posthumus Krijger Vermeer

Hammond, drums and saxophone are the key elements for this group. Highly energetic and spacious at the same time.


Welcome to my new website. Its still under construction but most of it is ready for now.

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Joris Posthumus Quartet – Portrait of a Picture

Live recorded television show Vrije Geluiden, VPRO


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My Blog

Japan tour

Japan Tour October 2014. This year i will be travelling to Japan to hook up with my friend and colleague Yuichiro Tokuda, a japanees alto player and singer. I met him two years ago when i was on tour in China with the dutch band State of Monc. I will do a 13 concert Japan […]

New Website

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I have this new website just online, with some change over to a good hosting compagny is rebuild my website. Its still a on going proces but i think its getting there. Feel free to look around and see the action!

Events 2014

Band: Trio Posthumus-Krijger-Vermeer
Location: Jazz Station, Brussels, Belgium 
Showtime: 18:00
Band: Ruff Sound Quartet
Location: Paradox, Tilburg
Showtime: 21:00


Past Events

 Concerts 2012

04/02/2012 Rub’ al Khali, recording session
11/02/2012 Trio Vermeer-Posthumus-Krijger, Jazzstation, Brussel (be)
30/03/2012 See-a-sound, Paradox
31/03/2012 Trio Vermeer-Posthumus-Krijger, Jazztown Tilburg Festival, 013
31/03/2012 Old meets New project, Jazztown Tilburg Festival
03/04/2012 Trio Vermeer-Posthumus-Krijger, Session, Paradox, Tilburg
19/04/2012- 22/04/2012 Jazzahead!, Bremen (de)
07/05/2012 Ruff Sound Quartet, Weemoed, Tilburg
26/05/2012 Joris Posthumus Quartet  Jazz festival, Middelburg
26/05/2012 Reunion ‘Life Soul’, Barbiertje, Hellevoetsluis
02/06/2012 Joris Posthumus Quartet Laag Keppel
06/09/2012 Joris Posthumus Quartet, Jazz at the crow, Eindhoven
21/09/2012 Ruff Sound Quartet, CD-presentation, Paradox, Tilburg
07/10/2012 Joris Posthumus Quartet, De schalm, Berkel-Enschot
11/11/2012 November Music, ‘s Hertogenbosch, with Edmar Castaneda


Concerts 2011

11/01/2011 Sessionleader, Paradox, Tilburg
30/01/2011 Carte Blanche, Ruff Sound Quartet, Café Thembi, Maastricht
20/03/2011 Joris Posthumus trio, Bibliotheek centrum, tilburg
29/03/2011 Ruff Sound Quartet, Musis Sacrum, Arnhem
03/04/2011 Carte Blanche, Kenny Garrett project, Café Thembi, Maastricht
12/04/2011 Sessionleader, Paradox, Tilburg
13/06/2011 Carte Blanche, Joris Posthumus Quartet, Café Thembi, Maastricht
02/09/2011 Session, de Rode Pimpernel, Den Bosch
03/09/2011 Joris Posthumus Quartet Paradox, Tilburg
10/09/2011 Joris Posthumus Quartet Klein Grenzenloos muziekfestival, Tuinzaal, de Burcht, Leiden
01/10/2011 Joris Posthumus Quartet Jazzfestival West-Friesland
14/10/2011 Nanjing, China, tour with State of Monc
15/10/2011 Nanjing, China, tour with State of Monc
16/10/2011 Nanjing, China, tour with State of Monc
18/10/2011 Sjanghai, China, tour with State of Monc
20/10/2011 Shuzou, China, tour with State of Monc
22/10/2011 Jazztown Tilburg, Paradox, Tilburg
03/11/2011 Session with Yonga Sun and Bob van Luijt, Arnhem
20/11/2011 Recording album Ruff Sound Quartet, Fattoria Musica, Osnabrück (de)
21/11/2011 Recording album Ruff Sound Quartet, Fattoria Musica, Osnabrück (de)
18/12/2011 Joris Posthumus Quartet, Ruigoord jazzpodium, Amsterdam

Concerts 2010

09/01/2010 Bimhuis, Amsterdam, VIP
19/02/2010 Paradox, Tilburg, CD release Concert
23/02/2010 Bimhuis, Amsterdam, TV-recordings Vrije Geluiden with audience
27/02/2010 Het Diekhuus, Middelharnis, VIP
14/03/2010 Guest performance at The Storyville Jassband, Rotterdam
20/03/2010 St.Jazz, Groningen, VIP
27/03/2010 Hothouse, Leiden, VIP
08/04/2010 Provadja, Alkmaar, VIP
26/04/2010 Stadscafé; Meesters, Tilburg, Jacob Bedaux kwartet
30/04/2010 ‘s Hertogenbosch, Jacob Bedaux trio
10/05/2010 Café; Weemoed, Tilburg, Ornette Coleman Sessie
22/05/2010 Guest performance at The Storyville Jassband, Middelburg
30/05/2010 Scheldejazz, Terneuzen, VIP
12/06/2010 SJU, Utrecht, VIP
16/06/2010 Paradox, Tilburg, Joris Posthumus on Radio 6 “live”
25/06/2010 Paradox, Tilburg, diVERStifal, with Randal Corsen on piano
09/07/2010 North Sea Jazz Festival, Rotterdam
01/08/2010 Guest performance at The Storyville Jassband, Laag Keppel
14/08/2010 Jazz festival Delft, Delft
21/08/2010 Guest performance at The Storyville Jassband, Arnhem-Elden
22/08/2010 Guest performance at The Storyville Jassband, Hanau (Germany)
03/10/2010 Guest performance at The Storyville Jassband, Apeldoorn
09/10/2010 Artishock, Soest, VIP
15/10/2010 Het Klooster, Woerden, VIP
17/10/2010 Huis Verloren, Hoorn, VIP
23/10/2010 Lantaren/Venster, Rotterdam, VIP
05/11/2010 De Tor, Enschede, VIP
20/11/2010 Joris Posthumus Quartet, Storyville Jazznight, Arnhem
03/12/2010 Showcase at Dutch jazz & world meeting 2010, Amsterdam
06/12/2010 Café Weemoed, Tilburg
12/12/2010 Carte Blanche, Hammond Trio, Café; Thembi, Maastricht





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Album Reviews

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Review  CD presentation, Paradox Tilburg by Rinus van der Heijden.
Review  CD ‘The Abyss’, Jazzflits magazine by Frank Huser.


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